This month, I’m going to share something very different.

One of the first pieces I ever had published was a poem, and yet I rarely read them – and the last one I wrote was five years ago. But a friend who lives overseas was struggling recently, and I wanted to keep in touch through loving voice messages.

I didn’t want to add to his mental load by chit-chatting about my day, though. So what could I say that would be short, helpful and meaningful?

A poem. In fact, many poems. One a night, two if they were short.

It’s a curious thing; the more poetry I read, to find verses that would provide comfort and spaciousness, the more natural a way of communicating it felt. And, indeed, my friend started reciting some of his favourite poems in return, explaining how helpful they were to receive.

After a week or more I was washing up when the thought arose that it might be nice to write something especially for him. And directly after that thought, this came through – without any edits. I shared it with him, and he was profoundly touched. I shared it with another friend, going through great difficulties; it brought him to tears.

So I offer it to you now. May you share it with whoever may need it, to give them comfort in a time of difficulty.

.   .   .

For a Friend Who Is Struggling Alone

This is a precious thing to me, my dearest
To walk beside you though I am not there
To know your brow, although I cannot see it
To share with you an infinite of care

To hold your hand, although I cannot touch it
As you traverse the challenges ahead
And send you all my prayers and heartful wishes
Unto whatever outcome you are led

For I have faith in you, my dear beloved
And know that grace will go where it is asked
I’ll keep a candle burning in the darkness
And celebrate with you when it has passed

For a Friend Who Is Struggling Alone


Photo credit: fotografierende

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