There are times when we all need to “think out loud”

Do it with someone who helps you to hear yourself with new insight, compassion, and clarity

Let’s face it; we all need more love in our lives. And it’s available to us, already. No, really. From ourselves through self-compassion; from others through connection; and from something bigger than ourselves and others through communion.

This is a conversation about these kinds of love.

Radical Self-care

Everything starts here. Self-compassion asks us what we need to recharge and renew, inviting creativity, boundaries, rest, and play

Wise Relating

We’re designed to be in relationship with others. Understanding our shared hopes and fears makes being in connection easier

Inspired Action

Communing with our inner guidance system makes navigating life clearer. Living our values makes that life richer and more meaningful

Hey there, I’m Anya.

I offer intuitive insights to purpose-led dreamers and doers, so that they regain clarity, flexibility, and choice.

I do this through playful conversations which allow new thinking to emerge, and synthesise wisdom and resources to encourage radical self-care, wise relating, and inspired action.

Latest Posts

Pastures new

As I hinted at in my last blog post, eagle-eyed readers will notice that I’ve made some big changes to this site. It’s now a simple blog, as I’ve launched a new site – It feels a huge step, to come out from behind the name of Let the Love In and create something…

Making plans

The 8th anniversary of this blog whizzed past me on the 15th of May without fanfare – without me noticing, even. It wasn’t until November 2018 that I began blogging at the start of every month, and in that time I’ve written about love, death, grief, and loss – all the small things in life,…

Catching breath

We’re halfway through 2022, and it’s been a pretty tough year for me so far. In the northern hemisphere the longest day is almost upon us, and I’ve been wondering about what the next 6 months may bring and, more, what I would like it to bring. I confess: I find it really hard to…

Going where the energy is

I’m really struggling to do things at the moment. Last weekend, on a sudden and strange impulse, I joined some friends as they took a Bank Holiday weekend road trip to an event in South West Wales, not far from where my mum was born. Eschewing the event itself, I saw it as my the…


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About Me

I’m Anya Pearse, an intuitive adviser, compassion-focused positive psychology educator and consultant, and Head of Positive Psychology at The Museum of Happiness.

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