Everyone has an origins story at the heart of what inspires them.

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve wondered why people do the things they do.

And so I did what lots of sensitive, self-contained, ‘weird’ kids do; I used my imagination.

I daydreamed. I spaced out. I had conversations in my head (look, I said I was a weird kid) and, by the age of ten, I started to write short stories.

(To be honest, I blame my English teacher Mr Jones for that one. There’s nothing like having a grown man crying with laughter whilst reading your story to the whole class to make a ten-year-old kid think, “Holy shit, this writing lark is amazing!”)

Through local theatre writing workshops and a return to education, I found myself writing (and occasionally directing) short videos. Still curious about why people do the things they do. Little investigation into the actual reasons for it (either with myself or with others).

And then, as so often happens in life, shit happened (AKA my life as I knew it was razed to the ground).

Screenwriters call it Act Two; when the protagonists enters the chaos stage/liminal space necessary for something new to arise.