I’m now an intuitive adviser to others, a compassion-focused positive psychology educator and consultant, and Head of Positive Psychology at The Museum of Happiness.

I’m even consolidating my interest in “the science of what makes life worth living” with an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology, focusing on the concept of “self-as-instrument” – how our own qualities of attention, openness and presence impact others and create our first intervention – in my final year.

This journey took self-compassion, positive psychology, new friendships, rekindling old passions, owning what it means to be Highly Sensitive (HSP), and reconnecting to my spiritual path.

I find joy in the little things, and nothing makes me happier than messing about and being creative – be it with words and making funnies (like I said, Mr Jones has a LOT to answer for), with my hands (designing and sewing clothes is a passion), or with ideas.

And I’m curious about how my story will unfold next.

Anya x