Coaching & Workshops

“We change for two reasons; one, we learn enough to want to and, two, it hurts too much not to.”


I offer playful, creative and compassionate workshops, coaching and facilitation to help smart, sensitive individuals;

  • Develop greater stress resilience through self-kindness, mindfulness and affirmation of common humanity;
  • Become unstuck in their personal and professional spheres through uncovering, shifting or reframing internal stories and beliefs;
  • Connect more with potential customers, clients or collaborators through their story, About Me page or personal introduction.

Stress Resilience

“I know God won’t give me anything I can’t handle. I just wish he wouldn’t trust me quite so much.”

Mother Teresa

Everything I do is built around these three words: nurture then manage.

We need to nurture ourselves in small, regular, sometimes creative ways before we can successfully implement plans and strategies to handle the stress in our lives.

Why? Because when we’re stressed our emotional processes divert our brain’s resources. We end up starving the rational part of the brain that can take more considered decisions.

Until our fight-or-flight response is reduced, trying to manage ourselves is like trying to turn down the oven in a kitchen that’s currently on fire; misguided, inefficient, and somebody’s gonna get burned. Luckily, self-compassion is our emotional fire-brigade.

Building stress resilience through self-compassion involves three areas; self-kindness, mindfulness and common humanity;

  • Self-kindness: Being friendly, generous and considerate towards ourselves. Unlike numbing, which often leaves us feeling guilty, self-kindness and comfort leaves us feel restored, renewed and peaceful.
  • Mindfulness: Which can be summed up in one word: notice. By noticing our thoughts and how we feel, without being caught up or impressed, we can see that we are separate from our thoughts and emotions. Meditation is simply giving ourselves time and space to notice while we put physical distractions on hold.
  • Common humanity: Accepting that we’re only human, and that we’re not alone in being human. We all feel scared, a failure, too much or not enough in various areas of our lives. The shame of those feelings keeps us in isolation and disconnected from ourselves and others. Common humanity helps us to know that what we fear set us apart actually connects us.

Life happens, and just keeps happening. I can share simple strategies to be more resilient when it does.

Personal Storytelling

“If I could give men and women in relationship and leaders and parents one hack, I would give them; ‘The story I’m making up,’ .. [it says] ‘I want you to see me and understand me and hear me, and knowing what you really mean is more important to me than being right or self-protecting.'”

Brene Brown

We’re wired for stories; they’re how we make sense of the world and our place in it.

When we’re stuck it’s because we’re lost in our story’s Second Act; something happens, we’re called to take painful action, but we keep resisting and trying and find an easier way out.

We resist because of the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves; ‘I’m strong’, ‘I’m weak’, ‘I can do this’, ‘I’m not enough’.  Whether we’re conscious of them or not, these narratives colour how we feel about ourselves and the world. Unchecked, we’re left with our emotions and actions becoming reactions to “the story I’m making up”, the meaning we give to what’s happening.

Through perceptive questioning and humour I can help release these stories through EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), a gentle yet powerful blend of modern psychology and ancient acupressure points, and bring rapid relief.

Professional Storytelling

“The mind can be convinced, but the heart must be won.”

Simon Sinek

Stories shape how others see us and can persuade them to engage with us.

When we read someone’s About Me page, introduction on LinkedIn, or hear their personal introduction, we want to know: Will I like this person? Am I like this person? Do I want to know more?

Being able to convey who we are in a few brief yet engaging words is simple but not easy. It’s like the trailer to a feature film; we’ve got to hook people enough to want the whole movie.

An About Me page is the most read by new visitors. How do we grab and keep attention, shape how others see us, become vulnerable enough for people to feel connected to us?

In briefer interactions, being clear on who we help and the problem we solve, or how people are changed or transformed by what we do, is far more memorable than yet another “Umm, I’m an account manager…”

We’re constantly asked “What do you do?”. Through my writing skills, pattern-spotting and ability to encapsulate, I can help potential collaborators, clients and customers grasp the value your difference creates.

I’ve delivered workshops on stress resilience, becoming unstuck and elevator/personal pitches to The University of Liverpool’s Institute of Infection and Global Health, the WI and The South Hill Centre’s Executive Forum.
I’m now a volunteer for the Museum of Happiness (