Stories shape how others see us and can persuade them to engage with us.

When we read someone’s About Me page, introduction on LinkedIn, or hear their personal introduction, we want to know: Will I like this person? Am I like this person? Do I want to know more?

Being able to convey who we are in a few brief yet engaging words is simple but not easy. It’s like the trailer to a feature film; we’ve got to hook people enough to want the whole movie.

An About Me page is the most read by new visitors. How do we grab and keep attention, shape how others see us, become vulnerable enough for people to feel connected to us?

In briefer interactions, being clear on who we help and the problem we solve, or how people are changed or transformed by what we do, is far more memorable than yet another “Umm, I’m an account manager…”

We’re constantly asked “What do you do?”. Through my writing skills, pattern-spotting and ability to encapsulate, I can help potential collaborators, clients and customers grasp the value your difference creates.