Let’s face it; we all need more love in our lives

And it’s available to us, already. No, really.

From ourselves through self-compassion; from others through connection; and from something bigger than ourselves and others through communion.

This is a conversation about these kinds of love (etc).

Latest Posts

Pastures new

As I hinted at in my last blog post, eagle-eyed readers will notice that I’ve made some big changes to this site. It’s now a simple blog, as I’ve launched a new site – anyapearse.com. It feels a huge step, to come out from behind the name of Let the Love In and create something … Continue reading Pastures new

Making plans

The 8th anniversary of this blog whizzed past me on the 15th of May without fanfare – without me noticing, even. It wasn’t until November 2018 that I began blogging at the start of every month, and in that time I’ve written about love, death, grief, and loss – all the small things in life, … Continue reading Making plans

Catching breath

We’re halfway through 2022, and it’s been a pretty tough year for me so far. In the northern hemisphere the longest day is almost upon us, and I’ve been wondering about what the next 6 months may bring and, more, what I would like it to bring. I confess: I find it really hard to … Continue reading Catching breath

Going where the energy is

I’m really struggling to do things at the moment. Last weekend, on a sudden and strange impulse, I joined some friends as they took a Bank Holiday weekend road trip to an event in South West Wales, not far from where my mum was born. Eschewing the event itself, I saw it as my the … Continue reading Going where the energy is


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I’m Anya Pearse, an intuitive adviser, compassion-focused positive psychology educator and consultant, and Head of Positive Psychology at The Museum of Happiness.

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