Pastures new

As I hinted at in my last blog post, eagle-eyed readers will notice that I’ve made some big changes to this site. It’s now a simple blog, as I’ve launched a new site – It feels a huge step, to come out from behind the name of Let the Love In and create something in my own name – a step that feels overdue, but still nerve-wracking.

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The Pearse Polyvagal Habitats Model – Facilitator’s Guide

This site will stay on the interwebs – perhaps indefinitely – and I’m working out what best to do with it. I will migrate the blog posts to my new site (leaving a trail here), but I can’t quite muster the time to do that properly at the moment (why yes, I DO have another university assignment due, how did you guess??)

I appreciate that some readers will not follow me, and that’s okay. If this website change means that you and I, dear reader, are to part, then I take this opportunity to say thank you.

Thank you for being here and reading my words, for spending a little time with me as I have navigated, with variable amounts of grace and buoyancy, the waves that almost certainly impact everyone; love, loss, happiness, grief. The waves have threatened to capsize me at times and yet here I am, setting sail in a slightly different craft, built for slightly different waters, but packing many of the same hopes, fears, resources, and dreams.

May our North Stars offer loving illumination for our future endeavours, may the currents carry us with tender ease, and may the breeze always have the scent of hope and possibility as it fills our sails.

Onwards 🙂

Making plans

The 8th anniversary of this blog whizzed past me on the 15th of May without fanfare – without me noticing, even. It wasn’t until November 2018 that I began blogging at the start of every month, and in that time I’ve written about love, death, grief, and loss – all the small things in life, obvs.

My most recent major loss has triggered a sharp reappraisal of my future – both on a emotional level, but also a practical one, too – and, as a part of that, I’m reconsidering a number of things, including this site.

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