Anya is a precious well of wisdom, grace and compassion. A well so profound, it will reflect your truest self back to you – at least, that’s what happened to me.

Every time I interact with Anya, I walk away with a new deep insight about myself. Since meeting her, I felt a burst of inner growth like I’ve never experienced before. New doors are opening inside my being that have been locked away for what seems like eternity.

Anya has an uncanny ability to tune in with your very being, sensing what you need before you speak, or even realise what it is that you need. All this deep inner work happens in the safest, kindest, and most compassionate place, filled with gentle humour and laughter. It doesn’t even seem like work, but rather play. Yet, it’s been the most productive play I’ve ever had the honour to partake in.

If you genuinely wish to get to know your true self and start on a path to a fulfilling, integrated life, look no further. Anya will become a transformative agent in your life.

― Alina Volobuyeva