I gift playful and compassionate workshops, coaching and facilitation to help smart, sensitive individuals embrace themselves through self-kindness, mindfulness and knowing that they’re not alone.

Through my gentle, intuitive presence and perceptive questions, I can help you find relief and enjoy a deeper understanding of yourself and others.

My workshops involve guided meditations, practical information and hands-on creativity.

How To Say No

  • Learn the benefits of saying no
  • Explore why fear, ambivalence and confusion make it difficult
  • Receive practical tips and advice to take away
  • Embrace a process to help you RISE to the challenge

Hugging Your Demons

  • Gently encounter rejected parts of yourself
  • Learn how self-compassion gives us greater peace
  • Experience the relief self-kindness brings

Three Keys to Self-Kindness

  • Recognise the difference between needs and approval
  • Explore your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs
  • Give yourself permission for future self-kindness

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